Matcha or green tea flavored foods are all over the place, from your favorite cold refreshments at the local café to the desserts served at the popular restaurants. This tea is becoming so sought after that it now is available in various forms including tea bags, powders, as well as tealeaves. That’s why a great number of people find it easy to use it as a brand new kitchen must have. Even recognized restaurants and cafes use it to add a new flavor to their offerings.

With its delectable flavor, special color, and a lot of health advantages, we can’t really help but dig in anytime there’s a new green tea flavored food or drink in town.

Morning café fix

As mentioned above, many cafes have already joined the bandwagon of serving tea flavored drinks. While green tea solo is among the best alternatives on their food selection, you also shouldn’t miss of their other flavoured offerings. Matcha latte is a popular choice to savor green tea in the morning. In this beverage, as opposed to coffee, your beverage will contain green tea powder. Matcha consists of whole, stone-ground tealeaves, and it offers unmatched number of antioxidant benefits. It also gives your body more vitamins and nutrients as compared to a typical green tea bag. You’ll even enjoy richer flavor, without the need to be worried about the jittery side effects of caffeine.

We are sure you’ve heard about green tea ice cream, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you have already tried it. It can easily be seen in many ice cream shops today because of its unique and scrumptious flavor. It’s not too sweet and not too bland. Aside from ice cream, restaurant managers have also included green tea in cakes, macarons, cookies, and even more. A different way to add it on dessert is to try using the green tea as a filling to your freshly baked cupcake or cookie dough. It will be a perfect treat even for kids.

Breakfast food
If you are a health enthusiast, you’re probably knowledgeable about those healthy breakfast bowls. They are loaded with fresh fruits and oats, and add both nutrition and delicious flavor to anyone’s morning routine. The robust flavor of green tea also matches that taste of subtle taste of breakfast favorite. The recipe and ingredients is often as simple as adding matcha to your morning oatmeal. It can also be as complex as adding quinoa, oats, blueberries, honey, and a bunch more. Think it over an antioxidant powerhouse that can make you get through a hectic day.

Even during happy hour you may still enjoy a sip of tea flavored drinks. These days, there are now cocktail programs which use green tea into drinks in order to add earthy flavors to the drink. Go to a local bar and you won’t have a problem a finding a drink with hint of green tea. It provides a crisp sweetness to the drink while infusing the main spirit. It can smooth out the mouth feel of several completed cocktail drinks.


This may sound like a weird idea but green tea can still work even for dinner. It will add earthy taste on dry marinades and rubs for grilled fish, or for barbecue sauce.

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