Water is a perfect beverage of preference for a lot of people. Nevertheless, a high-quality green or genmaicha tea is yet another useful and healthy addition. It is an advisable drink just in case you prefer flavored drinks than water. It doesn’t only rehydrate your body but it also have unmatched number of health advantages.
To get these health advantages, be sure to purchase only high-quality green tea. This drink contains polyphenol antioxidants that are known for preventing diseases and has anti-aging properties. Moreover, green tea consists of many polyphenols – a plant-based antioxidants that have disease-fighting properties. It can even halt the degenerative process in our body cells. In addition to that, studies state that regular intake of green or black tea correlates to reduced perils of several cancers and can help decrease high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and lots of other complications.
Health enthusiasts will also be pleased to understand that green tea can do wonders when it comes to burning fats and improving metabolic rate. The same studies, also claim that people who drink green tea can shed more pounds weight in comparison with those who didn’t. In reality, according to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drinking a cup of tea on a regular basis can significantly lower the total serum cholesterol and the LDL cholesterol.
Here are a few things green tea can do aside from offering the mentioned health benefits above:
Lessen Oily Skin
Did you know that you could use brewed green tea to create a facial toner? After going for a hot cup of tea, set a little aside and then let it cool down for a few minutes. Dip cotton balls or pads in it after which use it as you use a typical facial toner. If you want a simpler process, you can rub a used green tea bag on your own face too.

Minimize Oily Scalp
If your issue is oily scalp, simply employ leftover green tea to cleanse the scalp. Pour some leftover tea above your head while you’re in the shower or just over a kitchen sink. Once done, allow it to sit for just a few minutes before rinsing it. You’ll notice that your hair will be more shiny afterward as the tea will remove any shampoo or styling product left in your hair.
Remove Dark Circles Underneath the Eyes
Does your eyes look to tired or stressed out even if you’ve had enough sleep last night? Brewed tea bags can assist you solve this problem. Just save two used tea bags, lie down, and place them over your eyes for about maybe five or ten minutes. You can also dip cotton pads in leftover brewed green tea, close your eyes, and make use of them precisely the same process.

Get rid of Makeup
With this one, you want the leftover tea to be a little warm. Dip a washcloth in it and after that use it to remove makeup off your face, neck, and hands. Since tea has astringent quality, the easier choice becomes to eliminate oils and makeup residue.

Thoroughly clean Pet’s Ears

A different way to use leftover genmaicha tea is to keep your pet dog or cat’s ears clean. As mentioned above, the astringent quality of this beverage can keep the wax away for a while.

Use it to water your plants
Yes, even your plants would love some flavored water every now and then. Use leftover green tea to water your plants. Make sure that there are no added sweetener to the tea for it to work.


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