It’s not a secret that tea can do wonders for your wellness. But we’d like to highlight more reasons behind why it’s advocated you to take in it daily. Unlike other refreshments, this one is absolutely very easy to prepare. You don’t need to grind beans or an appliance to help you prep it. All you require are a cup and a boiling water to start enjoying it.

So without further ado, here are the reasons why you really should consider making tea your selected drink every day.

Green tea can prevent various health problems. Much like other teas, green tea is well liked for its tons of health improvements and soothing aroma. It is full of antioxidants that prevent various forms of cancers including lung, breast, and stomach. This tea has also been known to help prevent arterial clogging and reduce risks of stroke.


Green tea helps prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease by reducing neurological damage because of oxidation. Fitness fanatics will also be glad to find out that it can improve levels of cholesterol and get rid of fat. According to studies, this tea can reduce the risk of osteoporotic bone fractures, making it ideal for older people.

Black tea can stop stroke. Another tea that can prevent cancer is black tea. This beverage is made from fermented leaves, and is rich in caffeine. It has low amounts of monomeric catechins, that makes it a good tea choice for cancer prevention. This drink may also help blood vessels dilate appropriately to protect you from stroke or heart ailments.

Moreover, black tea is recommended for people experiencing halitosis. Research has revealed that this tea is loaded with polyphenols – a chemical component that can slow down or stop the formation of bacteria that causes plaque and cavity.

Tea has a soothing effect. We understand lots of people who prefer consuming tea after a busy day. It soothes their fatigued body and helps them focus better in their tasks. Studies also show that tea act as an effective and safe option if you are having sleeping difficulties like insomnia. Chamomile tea provides mildly sedative effect that allows you to relax. This tea is safe for even kids. You can also add this tea in your bath for total rest.

Tea can relieve allergic reaction. Are you suffering from seasonal allergies? Consider drinking fruit blend tea or a cup of nettle leaf tea. Based on studies, freeze-dried nettle leaf can boost allergy symptoms.

If you are interested to start out drinking fruit blend tea, continue reading for tips on how to properly make it.
Boil some water – begin this process by boiling water in a range or an electric kettle. These permit you to heat the water to perfect temp as well as allow appropriate aeration.
Place your selection of tea in a mug – when the water is boiling, the next thing is to put the bag of tea in an infuser. If you like to use loose-leaf teas, you can place them in lidded tea infusers or t-sacs.
Wait for it to brew – steeping period should be based on the type of tea that you are brewing. For black tea or oolong tea, you will have to wait for about Five minutes. Raiboos tea takes as long as seven minutes, while white or green tea only takes about 2-3 minutes.

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