Have you experienced that drop in your energy level in the afternoon? As if you would like to relax and do nothing at all for many hours? Whether you are a morning person or perhaps a night owl, you’ve possibly experienced such situation. This often takes place in around 4 in the afternoon. It’s not the very best feeling in the world, specifically if you know that you still need to do many things before your shift ends or prior to going home. And for many people this happens more often than they prefer. What’s worse is that even if they’ve enough snooze or is not doing any strenuous activities; they still feel the need to laze around.

If you also suffer from an afternoon slump, one quick fix you may want to consider is fruit blends. This drink is heaven sent, especially to those who are trying to cut on their caffeine intake. This delightful drink brings an amazing and revitalizing effect. They are great for maintaining your energy flowing the whole day, no matter if you are tired or lack sleep. Plus, you will no longer need to bother about adding sweetener to make it taste great. If you caught yourself yawning or heading for a nap, try including a delicious glass of fruit blend in your afternoon routine.

Aside from waking you up, fruit teas also are good for your wellbeing. This drink retains the health rewards of the raw fruits that it is created from. Therefore, you’ll have it as a replacement for the not so healthy beverages like regular sodas, sugary caffeine, or processed juice. Unlike regular black tea or green tea, fruit blends are actually infusions obtained from fruit peel, dried fruits, or oils.

For added convenience, below are a few fruit blends that will help improve your levels of energy at any time of the day.

Mint, apple, and also cinnamon fruit blend
The relaxing taste of mint complements the sweetness of apples and also the energizing cinnamon flavor. It’s simple to prepare regardless if you are home or at the office. You only need to put a sprig of mint in half cup of diced apples and One cinnamon stick. Boil the water and then pour it over to the mixture. Once done, steep the fruit blend for a few minutes. Lastly, serve hot to your coworkers or family.

Vanilla, raspberries, as well as peaches fruit blend
Curb your sugary and unhealthy beverage desire by making this vanilla, raspberries, and peaches fruit blend. The sweet flavor of the fruits will relieve the energy slump and motivate you. Just mix half a cupful of raspberries and a chop of peach, after which add some delicate vanilla flavoring for a richer taste. Then, pour the boiling water over the mixture and let it steep for about 5 minutes. This fruit blend tea can even improve your mood at the very first sip.

Hibiscus, cherry, and rose fruit blend
The mixture of rose petals and also hibiscus will serve as a gift to your sense as it raises your energy in the course of afternoon slump. What’s more is that the sweet cherries generate energizing aroma. To prepare, just mix 2 teaspoons of dried hibiscus flowers, ¼ cup of cherry halves, and 2 teaspoons of rose hips. Include boiling water to mixture and wait for about 3 minutes before serving it.

Lemon, pineapple, and ginger fruit blend
You might find this comb fruit blend strange but it works in uplifting your moods. Simply make a cup of pineapple chunks, fresh ginger shavings, as well as fresh squeezed lemon juice. Add boiling water and pour it over the ingredients. Steep for 2-3 minutes then serve.


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