Many people know how rooibos is a perfect tea option with tons of health benefits. But only several people know that your furry loved ones can also enjoy it too. You can add rooibos tea to your dog’s food by adding it into food recipes or placing it on dog food topically.

Understanding what rooibos tea is

Rooibos tea is also known as Aspalathus linearis or African Red Bush. It is an indigenous plant that originated from South Africa. It has been used in South Africa for many years. The tea has become so popular that recently it became known to other parts of the planet like North America. Aside from its delicious taste, rooibos wins over other teas when it comes to deterring diseases and improving heart condition. In truth, according to professionals, this tea can compete with green tea and black tea as 1 of the most favorite teas in the world.

Ways Rooibos Tea Can Help in Improving The Health Of Your Dogs

Aside from the mentioned benefits it offers, rooibos tea is starting to be more and more popular because of its ability to help dogs become healthier. It has been popular to be an effective choice in aiding dogs with allergies or hot spots. This tea is also great in helping cure digestive issues as well as stress. In truth, there are holistic veterinarians who recommend this tea as a safe alternative to allopathic cortisone. So if you wish to start using holistic approach to keep your dogs out of illnesses, rooibos tea is an ideal choice. You can even rely on it to help you cure dogs’ skin or bone problems and boost their heart and renal systems.

Here are other benefits of Rooibos tea:

It can relieve stress

It is naturally relaxing

It is anti-spasmodic

It can soothe an upset stomach

It is rich in minerals

It is anti-inflammatory

It is anti-viral


How to Add Tea To Your Dog’s Diet

Since you are a pet parent, it is understandable that you don’t want to give unsafe products that could harm your dog’s health. That is why it is vital to ask a veterinarian first if including rooibos tea to your dog’s diet is okay. Once your vet agrees with this plan, you can add the tea in the dog’s meals. Begin by brewing the tea, and then allow it cool down before you serve it to your dog. If you wish to make the cooling process a lot faster, you can place the brewed tea in a refrigerator for a couple of hours. Some pet owners also use rooibos tea as an oral rinse for their pets. Just add 1 cinnamon stick to the rooibos tea and then put it in a separate bowl next to your pet’s water bowl. Another way to do it is by adding the tea to your dog’s food such as stews or cooked veggies.

Rooibos Tea Can Help Dogs Avoid Yeast Infection

If a dog’s paws need to be soaked to deter yeast infections, consider using rooibos tea. Treat your pet to a paw spa by soaking its paws in rooibos tea to relieve any germs or discomfort. This paw spa can treat paw symptoms and eliminate harmful toxins left in your pet’s paws after walking outdoors.

There are many growing evidences that show how Rooibos tea can decrease dog illnesses. From tumors, heart disease, to cancer, rooibos tea can be of great help. If you want to make sure you are only getting top quality red tea, browse through Tealy’s website now.