Similar to in wine and food pairing, there are also tips to follow on how you can ensure your tea goes well with your meals. Choosing the right tea can make or break the meal as it can turn a typical tasting food into a unique dining experience. What’s more is that you do not have to be a professional to know which tea and food go well for you and your guests’ taste buds.

Because there are a lot of tea flavors and food to choose from, some may still find it a bit overwhelming to pair these culinary choices. Good thing, we have compiled some suggestions to serve as general guidelines when you make meals today.

Pairing tea with food – the basics

Food as well as tea pairing’s goal is to improve your dining experience. You know you made the right mixture when the tea’s flavor matches or accentuates the food you arranged. If you prefer a recipe that has robust flavor, you might want to go for a more robust tea flavor. Here a list of some of the most prevalent teas and some guides on which food goes best for them.

White tea

White tea is popular for having a subtle and silky flavor, making it ideal if you pair this tea with strong foods. This way the white tea’s natural sweet taste will not be overawed by the food’s aroma. This type of tea is also the finest one, so it is advisable to pair it with lightly flavored dishes such as vegetable salads minus any strong dressing. You can even pair this tea with lightly flavored dishes or fresh fruits.

Genmaicha tea

Unlike white tea, genmaicha tea has a delicate yet vegetative flavor. That’s why this tea goes well with mild flavored dishes such as fish, seafood, or chicken. Another option is to pair it with salads or fresh fruits. In countries like China or Japan, they also pair green tea with rice. Smoky teas such as genmaicha tea tend to have stronger aromas and are served well with pan-fried chicken and turkey. This is due to the fact that they get rid of the greasy feel of fried meat.

Here are other food choices that works well with green tea:

Unsweetened pastries

Baked meat-based dishes

Whole wheat breads



Fruit salads

Oolong tea

Oolong teas are recognized for having a more compound aroma so they are best served with a larger range of meals. You can have lighter fish dishes or grilled meats, and this tea will still balance the food’s tastes. There are two classes for oolong teas – the light teas as well as dark teas. Therefore, when pairing it with dishes, consider checking if what you are having is a light oolong tea or dark oolong tea. The light teas are ideal for sweet seafood dishes. Another choice is to try pairing it with salted snacks or biscuits. One the other hand, dark oolongs go for stronger foods like grilled meats. Pastries as well as pancakes also work well for this type of tea.

Black tea

Black tea has a strong flavor so it is advisable to serve it with full-flavored dishes like spicy dishes. You can also try pairing it with pastries as well as sweet desserts. Smoky black teas from China pair the flavor of dark meat and sweet chocolates, while earthy black teas are perfect additions for jerk chicken or mashed potatoes.

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