As most of us know, popcorn is one of the very most favourite treats round the world. While stereotyped as a treat served in cinemas, it has crossed over and is currently served in a variety of occasions. However, plenty of people still don’t learn how to maximize the total potential of popcorn as party food, and this really is something you should find out today.

If it’s your very first time to add popcorn in your menu, then it’s normal that you begin asking questions regarding just how to serve it to your guests. Obviously, you will find misconceptions that need to be broken and from there, you will have a way to savor popcorn not merely as a treat, but in addition as a goody to share with individuals in your event.

On the list of popcorn FAQs you will most likely encounter are:

1. Simply how much popcorn to serve?

Well, in the event that you will think of actual servings, the common number of popcorn to serve to at least one person is one cup. But obviously, since the foodstuff itself is light to the stomach, you are able to expect your guests to obtain additional after the initial serve.

Here’s finished: if you wish to hand out popcorn as a souvenir or takeaway for the guests, then you can certainly follow this serving size. On another hand, if you should be considering simultaneous servings, then anticipate to have a sack or two or uncooked kernels in your cupboards for continuous cooking.

2. In case you make use of a popcorn machine?

The clear answer to the question is relative, nonetheless it is preferred to play one just in case you are intending for really big and continuous servings. The reason being utilizing a machine lets you cook popcorn simultaneously through the entire party. if you should be hosting a large event and are expectant of guests to obtain popcorn every now and then, then it will be great to rent a popcorn making machine and maximize its features.

Employing a machine is often beneficial if you should be hosting a tiny gathering, just which means you won’t come to an end of popcorn snacks.

4. Is popcorn healthy?

In comparison to other snacks such as for instance chips, popcorn is relatively more nutritious. It’s lower calories and fat, and contains complex carbohydrates. They are the reason why popcorn is ideal for folks who are weight-conscious; they cannot perk up your calorie levels unlike other snacks.

Popcorn only rakes up more calories when blended with different varieties of seasonings and flavours, such as for instance butter, salt, cheese, and sugar.

5. The length of time does popcorn stay fresh?

If you’re readying for a popcorn-packed party, then it will be ideal to get the kernels beforehand. Uncooked popcorn remains fresh for up 8 weeks, while cooked popcorn is edible for approximately a couple of weeks especially if it is properly sealed in a storage container.

You can find two places in that you simply cannot store popcorn: places which can be under sunlight, and the refrigerator. Sunlight dries up the water in the kernels, thus they won’t pop when cooked (and they turn out to be spinsters). The exact same effect happens once the kernels have been in winter like the refrigerator, because the water inside them also dries up as a result of extreme cold.

With one of these questions answered, at this point you have a much better turn in deciding not merely on serving popcorn in your upcoming event, but more about how exactly to get ready for it. While you are able to do the preps all on your own, you may even order cooked, pre-packaged popcorn beforehand or rent a popcorn machine from providers such as Scoopys and Cream to generally meet your specific needs, just in case you need extra help.