Popcorn is one of the best snacks you can find. It’s tasty, doesn’t require complex dishes to be enjoyed, has relatively greater natural value in comparison to other snacks and trash food. But let’s face it: there are occasions once we also get tired of the most common sodium and butter flavours, and the sporadic cheese toppings for the pan of popcorn.

But how otherwise can we further enjoy our popcorn goodies? If you’re prepping up a popcorn machine for a scheduled party, then here are a few great choices of toppings to create our favourite snack more memorable to munch:

  1. Paprika, parsley, and olive oil.

Butter is a signature popcorn taste, but if you’re presently finished with the meeting, then you definitely should take a look at your spice rack and see when you have some parsley and paprika. That combination of herb and spice gives a new style from the baked popcorn kernels, as the paprika produces a tangy spicy hint while the parsley evens out its strength.

You need not add salt anymore when frosting the popcorn with one of these spices; but, if you like it only a little buttery, then add a splash of olive oil instead.

  1. Pesto-cheesy garlic.

Since we are at it, then why not do a more Mediterranean method of your popcorn treat? You can do this by utilizing three components, basil, parmesan cheese, and garlic.

You can either mix parmesan cheese and garlic dust on your popcorn, similar as to how you do it with cheese or barbecue flavours. To cover the recipe down, you are able to sprinkle the flavoured popcorn with chopped basil.

Meanwhile, you can also break the basil leaves and turn it into pesto pulp, then mix it with parmesan cheese and garlic before introducing them to the popcorn.

  1. Chilli seasoned.

You will find those that actually like it hot, and if you are one of them, then this taste will be for you.

You will certainly enjoy a warm and spicy popcorn snack with one of these components: sodium, chilli seasoning, and butter. All you have to complete is drizzle the popcorn with dissolved butter and throw the sodium to coat. You then add ¼ pot of any chilli seasoning mix of your decision and function it correct away.

This type of popcorn treat works best for movie marathons, as the hot and spicy flavours make your thoughts more intense while seeing your favourite flick. You can even add these components once your kernels are taken correct from the popcorn machine!

  1. Tangy Lime-Chilli.

Lime-chilli flavours are common in Latin National cuisines, and if you are feeling slightly Latino as it pertains to food, then this is a good method to compensate. To start with, mix freshly chopped fruit grass stalks with a tsp or two of grated calcium zest. You can add in a few product of tartar, sugar, chilli dust, and salt. Afterwards top the popcorn with a splash of dissolved butter or olive oil, then throw and turn to fur each kernel with the spices. You may then add still another spoonful of chilli dust just in case you are interested to style spicier than average.

  1. Truffle!

Last but most certainly not least, if you’re feeling the premium soul, then you definitely should take a look at truffle fat and truffle salt. Truffle condiments are all the rage nowadays, and they also can turn your popcorn treat in to a snack for the nobles.

Truffle fat and truffle salt can be a touch expensive, as these may only be acquired in specialty stores. However, if you feel like your popcorn treat should really be offered in an extremely particular way-like those offered by Scoopys and Cream, then this will do the trick.




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