Ho Chi Minh, also known as Saigon, is the capital of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City in is in Vietnam’s southeastern area. The business district of Saigon is a very popular attraction to both locals and foreigners. The central company district of Ho Chi Minh City is visited by travelers and one of many delicacies tried in these parts from the city is their beverages.  In summer time, there are various coolers that you need to try. Since Vietnam has a tropical climate and summers can be really hot and dry, refreshments are a staple to quench your thirst and keep you fresh. Listed below are some summer coolers in Ho Chi Minh City which you may also find in your nearest Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore.

Fruit Smoothies

Smoothies are a common drink to have all around the globe, but what makes a Vietnamese smoothie at http://www.sopho.com.sg/ is the fruits that they use in making one. These fruits vary with the season. You may discover smoothies in cafes and inside the streets of HCMC. Fruit smoothies can price much more in coffee shops when compared with the street vendors. When you have a specific diet program and use artificial sweeteners, then it would be best to get your fruit smoothies in the cafe. Street vendors could not possibly have unique sweeteners out there. Fruit smoothies at http://www.sopho.com.sg/ are loved by a lot of people because they are healthier and created from real fruits. Fruits are identified to be amazing for the skin and have excellent effects for the well-being. Fruit smoothies are produced from blending ice, fruit with added sugar and milk.

Coconut Juice

Coconut is known to be good for the bladder. Coconut juice is refreshing and naturally sweet. You’ll be in a position to get coconut juice from cafes or street vendors. If you want to get settled and enjoy the comfort of a seat and air conditioning, you may want to get your coconut juice in a café. You may also have the ability to consume the coconut meat after you drink its juice. When you are on the go, it is possible to drop by a street vendor selling coconut juice. The majority of the street vendors who sell coconut don’t have tables and chairs, so you will have to drink your coconut juice standing and you’ll not be able to eat the coconut meat too, because most street vendors don’t have a spoon for you to use.

Nuoc Sam

Nuoc Sam is also known as herbal tea. It is a popular beverage in Vietnam. The herbal tea is recognized to have a self-temperature balancing effect in hot weathers. Nuoc Sam at http://www.sopho.com.sg/ is a great drink that can quench your thirst thus making you feel energized. To create Nuoc Sam, herbal tea leaves are boiled in water. In the event you wish to make your own personal Nuoc Sam, you’ll be able to acquire herbal tea leaves in oriental medication shops.

Iced Coffee

Who would ever miss Vietnam coffee in Ho Chi Minh City? Most people just could not start their day without a cuppa Joe, and iced coffee in HCMC is perfect. You can get affordable iced coffee from a street vendor but if you would like to savor the Vietnamese coffee experience, try a few a coffee shops in HCMC. If it’s your first time for you to drink Vietnam coffee, it would be good to try it in small quantities first. You wouldn’t need to remain awake all night. Vietnam coffee is strong and for people who are not used to it, you might have a sleepless evening. It is good with condensed milk to make it just a little mild.

Sugar Cane Juice

Do not leave HCMC without trying the sugar cane juice. Sugar cane juice is produced out of squeezing sugar cane using a machine. The juice taken out in the sugar cane is an efficient stress relieving drink. You can get it plain or with added flavors, like strawberry or orange. It is going to satisfy your hunger and thirst. There are numerous street vendors which might be selling sugar cane juice, so it is difficult to miss it.

Try these unique refreshments in Ho Chi Minh City and for sure you’ll be asking for a second glass. These beverages are very good in quenching your thirst in especially during summer time. Want to try these coolers out but just can’t fly our HCMC?  Find a Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore that serves these coolers.

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