With a lot of Vietnamese migrating from their homeland, to other countries, it is not too surprising to see that the cuisine that they bring is slowly but surely becoming a global trend. It is not that hard to fall in love with their dishes as they bring complex flavors that are unique and tasty, not to mention the nutritional value that each dish offers.

Listed here are the major 5 Vietnamese meals that you just cannot miss:


When Vietnamese cuisine is mentioned, it is hard to forget Pho, as it is easily the most recognizable Vietnamese dish at http://www.sopho.com.sg/. Pho is made up of vermicelli noodles, raw beef, greens, herbs, spices and  the most significant part of the dish, the stock. The beautiful stock is simmered for a minimum of 12 hours, infusing the most amazing flavors extracted from a variety of soup bones with roasted onion and garlic, spices and herbs. The vermicelli noodles is placed at the bottom of a bowl and then raw beef is placed on top. The soup is poured gradually around the side of the bowl until the meat is submerged. Greens, herbs and condiments are served around the bowl for you to add on, depending on how you like it. You will enjoy Pho for its delicious aroma and taste.

Bahn Xeo

Bahn Xeo is a crispy crepe,  with shrimp stuffed in it. The crepe is decorated with herbs and bean sprout. Bahn Xeo is wrapped within a rice paper or lettuce and cut into bite-sized pieces. It may be eaten with a dip. The flavor and texture of Bahn Xeo is something to look forward to. Bahn Xeo could be eaten in in between meals or as a breakfast item.

Banh Mi

Banh Mi baguette sandwich at http://www.sopho.com.sg/ stuffed with various ingredients that shouts authentic Vietnamese. Some stuff it with egg, cold cuts, cheese, herbs, lettuce, sausage, and so forth. The crispiness and also the warm aroma of your bread will make your mouth water. When you are looking to get a quick bite or possibly a meal on the go, Banh Mi is the best choice.

Banh Cuon

Banh Cuon is also known as steamed rice cake. Banh Cuon crepe is very thin. A modest volume of water and rice flour mixture is spread on top of a pot while a thin cloth is covering it. The mixture is cooked by the steam going through the cloth. Some Banh Cuon is stuffed with chopped mushrooms and onion. The trick to a yummy Banh Cuon is how it is rolled very carefully. Bahn Cuon can be eaten with ham, chopped cucumber, and steamed bean sprout. On most Banh Cuons, fried onion is sprinkled. You also can add a little fish sauce on it to add  salty notes to it. Banh Cuon is best for breakfast and in between meals.

Ca Kho To

Ca Kho To can also be known as caramelized snake head fish. The snake head fish is cleaned and placed in a clay pot. The clay pot is used to cook Ca Kho To at http://www.sopho.com.sg/ to retain the flavors and help the sugar caramelize. Ca Kho To is then braised in dark fish sauce, sugar, garlic, pepper and onions. It is then cooked in a low fire to avoid the sugar from burning, with sugar caramelizing gradually. Sprinkle green onions and chilies on top and cover it for any minute. When the fish is cooked, it really should be tender and moist. The outer a part of the fish is shiny due to the caramelized sugar. You will need to serve it while hot. You may serve it as a main course together with the rice. The aroma is tempting, not to mention that the fish melts in your mouth. Lots of people adore this dish and it is a absolutely a must- try.

Vietnamese meals is good for the health as it is not too oily, salty and spicy. To produce Vietnamese meals, fresh ingredients and healthful components are made use of. Vietnamese meals are easy to fall in love with since they are  healthier and not to mention, a great selection of flavors. Trying out Vietnamese food can be a life changing experience for you,  as you can be looking forward to try out other dishes from the cuisine. You will find different sorts of meals that might be just suitable for your palate. Look for the best Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore and attempt these 5 must trys!

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