Banh Mi, or what most people from other countries know as Vietnamese Style Sandwich, is a classic staple in the Vietnamese cuisine. Perfect if you want to enjoy a meal now or to-go, this sandwich provides a healthier alternative if you live in a constantly fast-paced environment.

There are various distinctive versions of Banh Mi. It might be savory, spicy, sour, sweet, hot or cold. Various restaurants have their very own version of Banh Mi as well. You could easily find a restaurant that serves Banh Mi in Singapore. But if you want to try it at home, listed here are some expert guidelines on ways to make the ideal Banh Mi sandwich:


The most essential part of Banh Mi at could be the bread. You can get a baguette in a grocery store or a bread shop. Be sure to pick a bread that is freshly baked and still crispy. The crispiness on the bread on the outside and a fluffy and soft inside will make a good Banh Mi sandwich. You could also substitute baguette with other kinds of bread like cubano, kaiser or torta rolls. They could be excellent provided that they’re freshly baked as well.

Meat Filling

You can find types of meat filling for a Banh Mi. It could be shreds of chicken, ham, tofu or beef. The meat must be seasoned well and cooked depending on the kind of meat. Chicken shreds may be cooked in lemon grass. Beef fillets can be cooked in a sweet savory sauce. Ham may be put in as it is. Tofu may be added at the same time but make sure that it is not too saucy or you’ll have a wet Banh Mi.


Cucumbers add further texture in the Banh Mi sandwich at It gives an added crisp. Cucumber cools our taste buds from all the distinct flavors that is added by other components of the Banh Mi sandwich. Romaine or iceberg lettuce may also be used as a substitute in case you don’t have cucumbers available. You also can add both cucumber and lettuce if you wish.


Herbs have their very own sharp taste which will add flavor to your Banh Mi. Your Vietnamese style sandwich is not going to be complete without a touch of an herb. You may use herbs that are seasonal. It can either be Italian or Thai basil, or fresh mint or cilantro.


If you would like to add an extra kick for your sandwich, you could add very finely sliced Fresno chilies or Jalapeno. You can add as much as you desire. If you like it to be extra spicy, then you definitely can add just a little bit more but avoid overpowering some other flavors in the sandwich. Creating your sandwich too spicy is not going to give you the true taste of Banh Mi.


To add moisture and creaminess to your Banh Mi, you can use mayonnaise. The rich flavor of mayonnaise will balance the other flavors in your sandwich. Don’t add an excessive amount of mayonnaise considering the fact that it’ll make your sandwich taste sour. In case you do not have mayonnaise accessible, you could substitute it with possibly avocado or salted butter. You’ll be able to use whatever suites your taste.


The seasoning sauce is vital to add savor for your Banh Mi. It is possible to use Braggs Liquid Amino, soy sauce or tamari as your seasoning sauce.


Pickles will take your Banh Mi to a whole new level. It is not a great Banh Mi sandwich unless you put pickles in it. The pickles for Banh Mi at adds sweet notes with a hint of sour. Lots of people try to make their very own pickles so it tastes sweet enough for their Banh Mi. If you do not have time to make your individual pickles, it is possible to make use of the ones which are bought in the supermarket. You simply need to add a little bit sugar in it to make it taste sweet.

Banh Mi isn’t difficult to make. It will not take a great deal of your time. You just have to get the best ingredients for your Banh Mi. But if you need, you may always order Banh Mi in Singapore out of your favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

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