Chicken satay is one of the most famous dishes in Indonesian restaurants. The skewered grilled chicken pieces dipped on savoury peanut and honey sauce just makes the mouth area water, and you only won’t manage to resist its charm. Sure, you will find other satay variants in other countries, such as for example Malaysia, but Indonesia’s version is one among a kind.

But what exactly is the trick to a completely delicious serving of chicken satay? If you should be a large fan of Indonesian food in Singapore, then for certain you have your criteria. However, if you’re still in the learning stage as it pertains to the said dish, then here are a few suggestions to look out for:

  1. Everything begins with fresh chicken.

Lots of people believe satay rests heavily on the sauce, which can be savoury in its right, but the true solution to judge if the dish is good or not is how the chicken was prepared. So yes, when trying to find an ideal satay, start with the chicken meat.

Obviously, the meat must be fresh and not taken from the freezer. The reason being frozen chicken meat gets the tendency to reduce its natural flavour to the ice and water since it defrosts. When preparing the meat, better settle with freshly dressed chicken, which can be often available early in the market.

  1. Check the marinade.

Irrespective of fresh chicken meat, another factor to nice tasting satay could be the marinade. The marinade is what boosts the chicken’s flavour, and you shouldn’t overlook it. The ingredients for the marinade are fairly simple-crushed garlic, chopped chilli peppers, soy sauce, coconut oil, and a bit of honey just in case you want your chicken to be always a little sweeter.

Marinating the chicken is the important thing to an incredible satay, though it takes lots of patience to pull it through. In the event that you happen to possess found a good satay, this means that the meat was marinated for all hours to even per day before it was really cooked.

Most restaurants prepare their chicken marinade one or more day before cooking the meat, although there’s also others that just take 3-4 hour hours of soaking time.

  1. Grilled to perfection.

Chicken satay is grilled, not roasted, not fried, not baked. Yes, cooking the dish is comparable to barbecue, but under perfectly heated embers at a cautious cooking time. The reason being once the chicken is overly grilled, it becomes dry and loses its flavour. On another hand, when it’s undercooked, the chicken meat will remain raw and inedible, not forgetting place you in danger to salmonella infection.

  1. The sauce.

Lastly, when trying to find an ideal chicken satay, you must taste the sauce that accompany it. Satay sauce is quite unique in the sense so it blends in a varied variety of flavours. You have the ability to taste a tinge of coconut, chilli peppers, peanuts, and honey all in a single dip.

When examining the satay sauce, here would be the factors to consider: first, the sauce must be thick with regards to consistency, as this where in fact the flavours are found. Second, the flavours should complement one another, and not overpower one another. Lots of satay sauces fall from the competition when either the coconut or the peanut paste overpowers another, as then a sauce would taste too tangy or too chalky for the meat.

It will be worth taking to accomplish a taste test in a variety of restaurants that feature Indonesian food in Singapore; doing this can lead one to the absolute most scrumptious satay in the united states, with you serving as a firsthand witness to it.